Friday, November 21, 2008

how the animals get to the zoo: a book report

so yeah, lately I’ve been putting together school applications again –round 2- and figured it was a good time to brush up a little on colonial, postcolonial theory and so on. wanting to start somewhere easy, I went to Ash’s library where I found this nice slim volume from 1964. with the possible exception of Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” I doubt colonialism has ever found a more succinct treatment. alright, have a look; I’ll get back to work.

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this just in: Derek sent me some pages from a pretty ballistic little children's book which you can see over here - Do you know what I'm going to do next saturday? Well, sir...let me tell you!
I'm sure you'll agree it's a preferable alternative to renewing the elementary school library's subscription to Soldier of Fortune for next year.


Derek said...

THANK YOU. Now I possess effictive, colonial-approved methods to capture my kids fleeing from the scene of a crime.

Dad: You took a DUMP behind the shed???

Son: I'm outta here! (climbs tree higher than I can)

Dad: Ha! I'll just use my new chainsaw to impose juxtapositional deforestation. Now there's nowhere for you to go!


jo said...

just say "boo" and you've got yourself a zoo.

if i had only known before i got a desk job.

linny said...

What a bizarre little text. Don't read that to Ash before bedtime.

eped said...

yes, 400+ years of practical application! you will also probably need a gunny sack. I guess there are worse places to take a dump. (can't believe Kenyon is 7!)

jo- yeah, that's basically it, isn't it. boo and a lasso. everything else is just for if you want to get fancy.

linny- bizarre indeed. and did you see the dark colored men who get put to use on p49, dancing and playing instruments to round up the elephants?

also,that mountain lion on 26 doesn't look real healthy.

miss shortcake said...

that is a sad, sad book. The anguish in the ardvarrk's eyes was just unbearable...

Derek said...

yeah, you're glass is always half full. At least it was outdoors...(easy to hose down)

Gatsby said...

The zoo man is a total bastard, but that was a good read.

Also the picture of the mountain lion - I don't think that person has ever seen a mountain lion before.