Thursday, August 30, 2012

Washoe to Sanpete

Oh, right. I still have this blog. Also, we moved.
Here’s a little update.

Seeing all our stuff boxed up, carried across the front yard, and packed into a 9'x8'x12' space reminded me of this photo series by Peter Menzel: MaterialWorld: A Global Family Portrait

I think we first came across these a few years ago when they were showing at an airport somewhere (Chicago? Atlanta?). Then, a couple years ago, I saw his Hungry Planet: What the World Eats series when it was making the rounds as an email forward. They're photos of families with their typical weekly groceries, details here.

I guess these aren’t new. Maybe you’ve seen them. Whatever. I’m all like “I saw this way back when it was at the airport. You should have been there. What a layover. Such a layover!” 
Anyway, speaking of hipsters, Sannah Kvist’s project is worth a look too.

Also, we live in Utah now.