Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 haiku: early summer

pollen clouds blowing
from the trees, like golden smoke
or a solar wind.

runoff flows over,
and she still tries to unstop
our flooding culvert.

we take a last run,
chase peacocks, deer, and make your
headwreath of bindweed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

all the weekend tee vees

yard sale, Saturday. $4-5 hundred? haggling. rain.

memorial day. Six-Mile canyon. orange peels (lichens). Elmer's glue.


Monday, May 25, 2009

animal magnetism

last year maybe you heard about how these Czech scientists "recorded body alignment of cattle in satellite images provided by Google Earth" and found that cattle and deer "orient their body axes along the field lines of the Earth's magnetic field." yeah, north-south.

photographer Christine Chin's Alternative Alternative Energy (A[2]E) sort of picks things up and takes them from there.

"A[2]E's Moth Generator uses moths to generate electricity. The moths in the generator are fed a high iron diet and polarized, which results in magnetized moths. The moths are induced to fly alternately from one side of the generator to the other using their innate attraction to light. The flight of magnetized moths past conductive coils generates current in the same manner as an alternating current generator. While a single moth would only create a small charge, the millions of moths in the generator create a significant output."
text from ASCI

there's also a mosquito generator, a bat generator, combustible ice worms, a terrifying plastic rodent that runs on apple batteries, and something (?) about methane and sea cucumbers.

related: exploiting systems, Brian Burkhardt, Insect Lab, arcadia-immersion

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rigo 23 & the Mata Atlântica massive

Caiçara, Guaraní, Quilombola villagers give Lockheed Martin a run for their submarines and cluster bombs.

Teko Mbarate


details here.
and if you have 7 minutes, the video over here is worth it.

-------------------------------------------------------------some additional context - FYI

Trident by Numbers*

14 - Trident nuclear-armed submarines in U.S. fleet
24 - Trident missiles per Trident submarine
6 - nuclear warheads per Trident missile
100 - kilotons on each Trident W76 warhead
1,632 - W76 warheads deployed on Trident fleet
345,6000 - total kilotons deployed on Trident fleet
$170,200,000,000 - low estimate of total cost of the entire Trident program through year 2042

*borrowed/ripped off from the March 2009 edition of The Mormon Worker

Thursday, May 21, 2009

cultivating the primitive

it was good, that afternoon to thaw the hawk that had spent the last month in my freezer, to stretch a tape measure from wingtip to wingtip, from beak to tail and determine, "yes, Cooper's Hawk,"to ask it for a few feathers it will no longer need, and to finally bury it in the clay banks of a stock pond outside of town.
then the boys made atlatls and darts from brittle willow sticks and peacock feathers. Ash, of course, loved this too.

after 5 or so years of being the Webelos leader, I've gotten pretty well reacquainted with the 10-year-old heart.
and poop jokes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

plein air taxidermy

I was over at Matthias Merkel Hess' blog the other day where I found these and was then referred to Jim Baughn’s taxidermy website. there's a kind of sweet penitent intention about mounting these on trees overlooking an autumn field off a Kansas highway. we want to put them all back the way we found them, sort of.

something mythological too, like ill-conceived species of minotaur, centaur, or dryad. the tree as this sort of galley space has also been conceived elsewhere.
(btw, do yourself a favor and avoid searching google images for "centaur")