Wednesday, August 30, 2006

ok, some faces after all

sphinx moth hornworm caterpillar discovered hiding under the green beans. I don't know anything about bugs, worms but I think this one will turn into one of those moths that look like hummingbirds. if a cat doesn't eat it first.spadefoot toad. I accidently dug her up when I was planting some dogwoods by our neighbors' chainlink. a lucky miss of the shovelblade. she must have also survived applications of roundup to weeds and an earlier going over w/ a tractor tiller. sometimes being able to dig a hole is the perfect thing. she's pretty dazed here, before the reburial.
once, when I was like 9 I caught and kept a frog, which died. so I buried it in the ground in my neighborhood. I also buried in the back of my mind a scheme to later exhume the body when it would be just bones. then I'd have a frog skeleton which would be fantastic! when what seemd the appropriate span of time had passed (probably less than a month) I went to dig up my frog skeleton. I was having a hard time finding it down there where I remembered leaving it. then, off in the periphery I saw something kicking around in the dirt I'd been spading out. yeah, he had totally faked me out but he must not have counted on being dug up again. I only remember vaguely what happened then. amnesty, I think it was. I went home without a frog skeleton.

this nighthawk had broken its wing somehow, probably hit by a car. also called nightjars or goatsuckers, though they’re not related to chupacabras. they seem to be more closely related to boomerangs. that’s what they look like hurtling though the air at dusk, catching bugs in that big maw.
a couple more nighthawks
our newlywed friends in the house next door are in their 60’s. they like to spend some of their evenings eating late dinners or playing board games in their camper trailer parked outside.
on the other side of town I’ve noticed a place in the road where his first name is written very clearly in tar. knowing he worked for the city, I asked him about it one day. he kind of blushed and sheepishly confessed that it was him. she has an electric guitar she sometimes plays and sings with.
in their home, they have a room where their cat lives. this room has pictures of other cats, as well as a telephone. when they moved in they gave us a tour of the place and how they’d been fixing it up. “we’re just tickled, I’ll tell ya,” he kept saying.
the other night we went to sleep to the sound of crickets and their rolling dice on the kitchen table out in the trailer.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

stringbeans to Utah

we’re currently being overrun with squash and tomatoes. you can split hairs about whether it’s an invasion or an occupation if you like but the rest of us don’t have time for that. I turn my back for a few moments and there they are, growing, always growing. how is it that I’ve allowed this to happen again?

earlier in the year. no shortage of high tension wires and twine for different uses. mostly to keep the huffys out until the sprouts can fend for themselves.

calabaza jungle

crooknecks and zucchini, a procession



and last season’s green beans stay perfectly fresh online.

Monday, August 28, 2006

hoboclowns & coelacanths

photos taken last week at the Sanpete county fair in Manti, UT.

the prize rabbits, frillback pigeons and clydesdale roosters were caged and stacked in the cinderblock house. this was then surrounded by even more colorful facades, each one manned by someone in a purple polo shirt. here are a couple examples.

After at least 20 years, they’ve kept this obstacle course in great shape. who knows what layers of unlicensed hollywood airbrush lie between the days of Indiana Jones and those of Harry Potter. LA Raiders? Goonies? LA Gear Shoes? Jurassic Park?
most of the light bulbs are even still intact!

alright alright, can someone please tell me just what is going on here?!

I’m asking for your help with this one. like Joseph or Daniel of Jewry. and any interpretation will be considered; there’s nothing too prosaic or extreme for a mural painted on a carnival trailer. this is your chance to truly shine so do take a crack at it. it may be years before we see something like this again, these guys appear very transient.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

discourse deviations & schizophrenia

INTERVIEWER: Tell me about school.

PATIENT: School? Well there are schools of play and schools of fish, mostly you see fish school, people edumacating [sic] themselves, you see, sea is one thing and education is another. Fish is school in their community, that’s why the community of man stands in the way of the community of the sea…
(Ralph Hoffman 1986, 507)

“I know the human and the fish can coexist peacefully”
-George W. Bush 2000 (Sept. 29, Saginaw Michigan)

Friday, August 18, 2006


I hope never to have to use my underpants as a flag, because after that I could never let my underpants touch the ground.

They say the mountain holds many secrets, but the biggest is this: “I am a fake mountain.”

I hope I never do anything to bring shame on myself, my family, or my other family.

deep thoughts, Jack Handey
(crayon volcano, that's mine)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


fake fish for fancy fish
watch out!
(no big deal really)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

the foxes have holes

and finally after all these wonders
a note folded between stones
and left specifically, reveals only as much
as the tall late afternoon clouds
where Poseidon
stately and foreshortened from below
rides a camel.

then three brothers of ten miles consider thirty more
consider fifty mile mountain and a bag of screws
consider the taste of jackrabbit’s blood and thin urine
and roll up for the night like the rest.