Monday, November 27, 2017

Cedar Mesa, and 6 haiku toward ramen

Cold as I had hoped
this whole river sliding on
past the cottonwoods.

Pecked into these walls
spirals, men, horses, and goats
and there, a mammoth.

Now catching our breath,
yellow light on the San Juan,
we change in the willows.

Bringing back water
I heard an "irregardless."
Those guys aren't German.

Round pot between us.
Could be my own breath, or yours,
this steam leaping up.

MSG and salt,
stiff book of wavy noodles,
crooked staff of life.

Monday, November 06, 2017


In England the Valkyries came to be relegated to villages, where they degenerated into witches; in the Scandinavian countries the giants of ancient mythology, who lived in Jotunheim and battled against the god Thor, have degenerated into rustic Trolls. In the cosmography that fills the Elder Edda, we read that on the day of the Twilight of the Gods the giants scaled Bifrost, the rainbow bridge, and tore it down and, aided by a wolf and a serpent, destroyed the world; the Trolls of popular superstition are evil, stupid elves that dwell in mountain caves or in rundown huts. The most distinguished among them have two or three heads.

Henrik Ibsen's dramatic poem Peer Gynt (1867) has assured their fame. Ibsen imagines that they are first and foremost nationalists; they think, or attempt to think, that the horrid drink they brew is delicious and that their caves are palaces. To prevent Peer Gynt from seeing how sordid their dwelling places are, they threaten to put out his eyes.

 -- Jorge Luis Borges, from The Book of Imaginary Beings (1967)

Monday, October 30, 2017

songs, riddles, games, cook books, candy and pastries, toasts, rhymes for clowns, patriotic speeches, plays for children or puppets, charming stories, fortunetelling, black and white magic

In this long-established firm will be found a varied and select assortment of songs for the current year, collections of congratulations , magic tricks, riddles, parlor games, cook books, booklets for candy and pastry-making, toasts, rhymes for clowns, patriotic speeches, plays for children or puppets, charming stories: “The New Oracle,” “The Book of the Future: Rules for Fortunetelling with Cards,” “The New Mexican Fortune Teller,” Black and White Magic: or the Book of Sorcerers.”

José Guadalupe Posada (1900)

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Monday, September 25, 2017

pieces of summer

All of these beads.
I had looked for some common thread to run through them.
But, no, here they are unstrung—or never strung—rolling around loose and bright in this strange, quiet drawer.

valleys of fire. and dawn. and cactus. creosote. bullet brass. bottle glass. sand. wind.

Buckhorn Wash with students. Coyote Gulch with the kids.

escarabjo in Pátzcuaro. rothschildia moth in CDMX. tarantula in the Gulch.

xoloitzcuintli of the uncanny

inside the Palacio de Bellas Artes: memorial services for José Luis Cuevas, 1934(1931?)-2017.
outside: rainy season, dogs and novios stroll in the park.

churrería El Moro


On a steep evening walk up to the “deer theater,” it doesn’t hurt to hop them all up on Sour Patch Kids.

And wild strawberries will help get you there on a 3 day in the Uintas.

Killing the roll cast on Mohawk Lake.

Inventing ritual; surely this world will not mind another bottle dance.

David Foster Wallace and Axl. Halloween rehearsals were never more elegant.

more rehearsals, GBEEC

local pipeline and John August Lake