Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Peavine Half~Marathon

Announcing: The Peavine Mountain Half~Marathon.

Where: Beginning at Peavine Road (which is just off of North Virginia St. in Stead). If you're going up N. Virginia it's an unmarked dirt road on your left, shortly after you cross the railroad tracks; if you get to the zoo you've gone too far. Here's a great little map from USATF, where you can zoom in and look around. We'll be running up to the radio towers on the summit--8,200 feet--and then back down.

When: Saturday, August 28. Meet at 7:30 am, running by 8 am.

How: However you like. I'm running. You can run it too. Or bike it. Or walk some. Or round up another friend or two to relay with you. Tag in and out of a support vehicle. Whatever. Peavine Road is leveled and improved all the way up so you could drive a sedan to the top. No high clearance or 4x4 required. No kidding. No race clock. No hurry.

Distance: 14 miles total

Cost: Free, or course. Plus: there will be snacks!

Also: Did I mention it's beautiful? The grade of road itself is pretty gradual: no terribly killer steep stretches. From what I can tell, the total elevation gain is about 2,000 feet, perhaps slightly more.

A little more about Peavine: You know Peavine. It's the mountain north of Reno where they keep the big R & N. The one that's all yellowed over with cheat-grass when you look at it from the south. But the approach from Peavine Road (north) is spotted with sage, mule's ear, then gets into forests of mountain mahogany, with even a few groves of aspen, willow, and pines.

Finally: If you've got any more questions, here's a very legal event disclaimer and FAQ (a la Gil Scott Heron, as usual) for you to sign off on. Otherwise, feel free to post any other questions (or just sign up!) in the comments section.

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