Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4.01k suit run roundup

for anyone who missed the important meeting this last Saturday, here are a few photos, beginning w/ everyone starting up on Wall Street:

summary: 20+ real serious types, well-groomed, fancy photographers, wingtips, blouses, bluetooths(blueteeth?), a stroller, all kinds of jaywalking, conference calls and networking, an unscheduled jaunt through the farmers market, snacks, high-tech prizes, a plazaful of tiny geysers, a bride and groom (?), God Bless America (??), handshakes. "thanks for coming." breakfast.

for more detail, see the latter half of these July pics on picasa. this "the professor" character has also posted some real-nice professional quality photos over here. and there are plenty more photos all over facebonk, I recommend starting w/ Abigail's gallery.

if you've got photos too, please post any links in the comments section. congratulations all; a very productive morning.


Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

are you on facebook?

eped said...

nope. you?

eped said...

if anyone's interested, I've since come across some great photos from probably the "fanciest" of the aforementioned photographers. they're over here at The Wounded Mosquito blog: http://woundedmosquito.blogspot.com/2009/07/diversifying-portfolio.html

thank you Joshua Alan Terry