Monday, August 25, 2008

back to school: some simple equations

think of a number, any positive whole number.
(you can also open your desktop calculator while you’re thinking.)

now multiply that number by 3.

now multiply the resulting number by itself.

add the digits repeatedly until you have a single digit.
(for example: 5432 becomes 14, which becomes 5)

place a “1” in front of the digit you found.
place a “2” in front of the same digit.
multiply these two numbers together, please.
(for example: the digit 5 becomes 15 x 25)

then multiply the resulting number by 5.

now multiply each digit of this number together.

you probably came up with something like 350, right?
as in 350ppm

Monday, August 11, 2008


“here’s what I’m eating these days. where I drink coffee. what I’m reading. this is a picture of my hand petting my pets. my pets sleeping. my roomba. my pets’ fearsome jealousy thereof. and the ongoing account of how I am reconciling all these petty crises, on a post by post basis…”

who are we trying to kid? let’s just put ‘er there and agree that all this blogging business is about narcissism and exhibitionism. and the shortest distance between a narcissist and his own exhibition is a clothesline. so here’s my laundry.

I’m even showing you my ankle socks here, and those are some things I’ve never been proud of. altogether pretty humiliating. but look how easy line drying clothes can be. we just loaf around all day like this! my rashes have all vanished and I’ve added cubits to my stature! and then there’s this website where you can learn other things like about how electric clothes driers use 5-10% of the household electricity in the US and how, yes, it looks like it’s become a movement.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wasatch Plateau Marathononon

I’m planning this again and you should really think about it this time because it’s tremendous. look over the details from last year; it’s all right there. the main difference here though is 30 miles (instead of 28). but again, you’re welcome to do it on your bike instead. and do as much or little of it as you like: 5k, 5 miles, 10k, half marathon, relay, anyone interested, whatever.

here's a good map of the route from USATF. you can zoom in for detail and look around.
(thanks for the tip Erin!)

and here are some photos of the area

when: Saturday, September 6, 2008, AM

I repeat, this is for anyone interested - friends, family, strangers. let me know if you’re in or have questions. and to address any FAQ’s here is a very legal event disclaimer (a la Gil Scott-Heron) for you to sign off on.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

say, speaking of just piss anywhere…

our quarterly complimentary copy of the Sanpete Messenger (w/ County Fair supplement) showed up in the mailbox last week. the front page featured this convergence of two earlier posts in a head-on small-time scandal:

informal public middens

these are just a couple of the stories we've (um, I've) been following here at fish without faces. see. this is the sort of quality journalism you can expect from this blog. stories with texture and a long term commitment and follow through and stick-to-itiveness and tractors and traction. here’s the gist: “The second dumping case took place in Ephraim with the demolition and, Bringhurst said, the illegal dumping of the red-brick LDS church that once stood on Main Street.”