Monday, May 12, 2008

informal public middens

yesterday evening we went on a walk a few blocks east of our house. heading out past the edge of town there are several hectares of pinion, juniper and brush that are a patchwork of private ranches, BLM and Forest Service land. haphazard farm roads and 4 wheeler tracks wind through informal public middens where people pile carpet, home appliances yard waste, and the bodies of game, domestic and farm animals. there is also a shooting range where you see the cops parked once in a while.

the runoff that flows through here is channeled through town in irrigation ditches. can you spot the rotting coyotes in the charred sallows?


ash said...

Great pun. Neat coyote discovery. You'll have to check back on how nature takes it's course.

T.R. said...

It's been nearly a month, and I still don't see the coyotes.

eped said...

ash- hmmm, I'm not sure what pun you mean. is it the lucky "charms"?

t.r- the coyote's easiest to see in the middle pic. otherwise just look for the burnt shapes.