Saturday, June 07, 2008

Costa Rica bird list: May 15 - June 4, 2008

smooth-billed ani
immaculate antbird
barred antshrike
great antshrike
collared araçari
rose-throated becard
melodious blackbird
red-winged blackbird
green-crowned brilliant
stripe-headed brush-finch
common bush-tanager
yellow-billed cacique
gray-headed chachalaca
squirrel cuckoo
great curassow
inca dove
white-tipped dove
white-winged dove
cattle egret
great egret
yellow-bellied elaenia
yellow-throated euphonia
social flycatcher
magnificent frigatebird
tropical gnatcatcher
long-billed gnatwren
great-tailed grackle
blue-black grassquit
yellow-faced grassquit
blue-black grosbeak
crested guan
novelas alemanes
long-billed hermit
green heron
green honeycreeper (rey del mar)
red-legged honeycreeper
rufous-tailed hummingbird
steely-vented hummingbird
white ibis
rufous-tailed jacamar
brown jay
tropical kingbird
ringed kingfisher
great kiskadee
swallow-tailed kite
white-tailed kite
white-throated magpie-jay
long-tailed manakin (toledo)
white-collared manakin
volcano-worshiping mannequins
blue-crowned motmot (bobo)
rufous motmot (guardabarranco)
dusty-milk dindon
black-cowled oriole
montezuma oropendola
orange-chinned parakeet
red-lored parrot
white-crowned parrot
brown pelican
red-billed pigeon
bronze-tailed plumeleteer
clay-colored robin (yigüirro)
white-throated robin
violet sabrewing
black-headed saltator
buff-throated saltator
grayish saltator
white-collared seedeater
orange-billed sparrow
rufous-collared sparrow
long-billed starthroat
blue-gray tanager
crimson-collared tanager
palm tanager
passerini's tanager
little tinamou
masked tityra
chestnut-mandibled toucan
keel-billed toucan
orange-bellied trogon
black vulture
turkey vulture
rufous-capped warbler
black-bellied whistling-duck
pink-pint terror bird
streak-headed woodcreeper
black-cheeked woodpecker
hoffman's woodpecker
lineated woodpecker
pale-billed woodpecker
rufous-winged woodpecker
bay wren
house wren
rufous-naped wren
plain xenops


T.R. said...

What, is that all? Couldn't you find more birds than that?

jo said...

egrets are EVERYWHERE...

eped said...

wait Jo, egrets all over WI?

ash said...

I can see the book now on library shelves. I wonder if the pigeons there are a lot different than the pigeons here.