Thursday, October 26, 2006

10 foot terror bird

so you thought this was going to be more baloney about migratory birds as terrorist bioweapons. calm down, this is just in case you need ideas for a halloween costume, or have run out of material for nightmares.
we'll see how the liberal media spins that one.


ZLB said...

Hmmm. . . probably that's where chickens came from, the bloodthirsty little devils. Makes for a good Halloween costume if anything.

kel said...

uh, i don't think ZLB looked at the diagram in the article very well. it's quite clear that the terror bird is where people came from.

adam said...

Swell finds and commentary all over the page, Sir. Dandy observin', indeed.
As I remember it, though, terror birds were around at least until I was finished with first grade. I can't vouch for how long Mrs. LeJean lasted after that.

Dainon said...

Are flamingos the new terror birds?