Monday, August 28, 2006

hoboclowns & coelacanths

photos taken last week at the Sanpete county fair in Manti, UT.

the prize rabbits, frillback pigeons and clydesdale roosters were caged and stacked in the cinderblock house. this was then surrounded by even more colorful facades, each one manned by someone in a purple polo shirt. here are a couple examples.

After at least 20 years, they’ve kept this obstacle course in great shape. who knows what layers of unlicensed hollywood airbrush lie between the days of Indiana Jones and those of Harry Potter. LA Raiders? Goonies? LA Gear Shoes? Jurassic Park?
most of the light bulbs are even still intact!

alright alright, can someone please tell me just what is going on here?!

I’m asking for your help with this one. like Joseph or Daniel of Jewry. and any interpretation will be considered; there’s nothing too prosaic or extreme for a mural painted on a carnival trailer. this is your chance to truly shine so do take a crack at it. it may be years before we see something like this again, these guys appear very transient.


Matt Cooper said...

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Matt Page said...

I'm confused because in the bottom one, the lady is hitting her husband with a broom, while he is running away. Also you will notice a chicken wearing rubber gloves was running away. Did she catch them doing something?

I'd rather not think about it...

You will also notice in the foreground several Darwinian Swedish Fish.

This is some wierd crap.

eped said...

thanks matt (the 2nd matt I mean). I can always count on you, man.