Tuesday, August 29, 2006

stringbeans to Utah

we’re currently being overrun with squash and tomatoes. you can split hairs about whether it’s an invasion or an occupation if you like but the rest of us don’t have time for that. I turn my back for a few moments and there they are, growing, always growing. how is it that I’ve allowed this to happen again?

earlier in the year. no shortage of high tension wires and twine for different uses. mostly to keep the huffys out until the sprouts can fend for themselves.

calabaza jungle

crooknecks and zucchini, a procession



and last season’s green beans stay perfectly fresh online.


kel said...

as if the squash alone weren't enough... now they're personified. i say it's a procession to the compost pile.

T.R. said...

squash soup

jo said...

to the compost pile! i wouldn't be suprised if I saw a procession of withered little sqashes booking it down highway 89.

Dainon said...

What, no zucchini? I've got recipes out the yingyang for zucchini. Just say the word and you'll get my ma's zucchini brownie recipe sent to you.

eped said...

I've been trying to stay on top of things, making loaves & loaves of zuchini bread, lots of pasta sauce, carrot cake...

we've already had to send several pounds of squash to the compost. for some vegtables this life can indeed be nasty, brutish and short.

I'm thinking about bringing the cub scouts over and having them help me make a zucchini catapult. so if you have a catapult recipe I'd love that or if you reccomend those brownies then yeah, I'll take that recipe too. thank you

Kylie said...

You have the best garden! I'm so jealous! (we just have tomatoes and strawberries).