Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rigo 23 & the Mata Atlântica massive

Caiçara, Guaraní, Quilombola villagers give Lockheed Martin a run for their submarines and cluster bombs.

Teko Mbarate


details here.
and if you have 7 minutes, the video over here is worth it.

-------------------------------------------------------------some additional context - FYI

Trident by Numbers*

14 - Trident nuclear-armed submarines in U.S. fleet
24 - Trident missiles per Trident submarine
6 - nuclear warheads per Trident missile
100 - kilotons on each Trident W76 warhead
1,632 - W76 warheads deployed on Trident fleet
345,6000 - total kilotons deployed on Trident fleet
$170,200,000,000 - low estimate of total cost of the entire Trident program through year 2042

*borrowed/ripped off from the March 2009 edition of The Mormon Worker

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