Tuesday, November 25, 2008

thanks for:

the hard wind and rain that finally blew into town on All Souls Day, ripping through all the corrugated plastic campaign signs on the roadsides, throwing them into the streets and passing cars

the nopal cactus that the Palmerin family has been lovingly cultivating for us

eight years with my lady, for how well she cuts my hair, and how she tells me when I’m full of crap

the local Wal*Mart, for showing at least a simulacrum of conscience and foresight, now selling some reusable shopping bags, sweatshop t-shirts with trees printed on them, a Bill Nye “eco-logical” paper recycling kit, and for having recently painted the store fa├žade a more fitting desert-storm tan

Obama – Biden

car passed inspection

the disgruntled employee of the Holliday Inn in Henderson NV, who, having caught wind of her immanent firing, stuck it to her bosses by booking my family with the super-discounted employee rate. so punk rock

my little girl, her developing talent of honking people’s noses, her excitement with ants, and how she broke into this last time the congregation sang “All Creatures of our God and King”

cheap rent on a warm duplex in November

acorn squash and black beans


Gatsby said...

I didn't know she honked noses. That's great. Hope to see you guys soon. The in-laws are here and they were asking about you the other day.

T.R. said...

I suppose bums are creatures too, even if they didn't show up for the canticle meeting. That's why they're bums, probably.

ZLB said...


eped said...

watch out Gatsby, she'll honk yours too. how long are they there til again? tell them hi.

yeah, it's funny; Ash seems to identify w/ hobos on a religious plane. ex: she has a speech impediment that turns "water" into "wino"

Jo said...

she does give a nice hair cut.

and I want to be in the next meeting where ash bursts into song. try to make that happen, will you?

ash said...

car passing inspection is always pure delight.