Monday, November 10, 2008

the moustache as civil disobedience, public nuisance and token of perfect smugness

this is my cousin Malcom (left) in a picture taken a couple weeks ago during a trip through Munich. my uncle and his family are living and working in Lugano, Switzerland and they periodically send us updates on their adventures, including photos. like a blog.

it was so good to get this in my email the other day, for several reasons. I had actually gotten up early just that morning to make 5 gallons of hot chocolate, and then schlepped it sloshing into work in a huge cooler. hot chocolate should never be a hassle but somehow this was.

also, behind a figleaf of reduced state education budget, they've started firing people here too. lots of people. since we work off of a grant that I write every year, our little outfit should be OK, but it still sucks to watch this happen to so many other people I like and respect, many of whom have been here 20+ years. I don't know if people are organizing yet but there’s quite a bit of fallout still to come.

and aside from this, things have been pretty hectic. would you believe that I just allowed my Saturday to be spent giving a presentation to a boardroom full of people (yes, their Saturdays too!) on a 9 volume set of white 3-ring binders called USOE Standards for Adult ESOL? 4 hours of driving for a 5 hour meeting, to which I contributed just 1 hour. yeah, I know!

so anyway, I'm now wearing a moustache. thanks, Malcom, for helping me regain my bearings here. we'll see how long it lasts.


T.R. said...

Successful or not, many of us will suffer from GHS.

(Giant Hand Syndrome)

Jess said...

Kudos on the moustache. I think more people should follow the example of you and your cousin. In fact, I may have just been inspired. A moustache is surely change that I can believe in.

eped said...

fortunately, TR, I heard something about a "massive glove sale" the other day.

thanks Jess. "yes we can." I'm sure your take on Movember will be more dignified than mine. I've seen what you can put on in a matter of days.

Gatsby said...

Whenever I see a guy walking down the street, I think that maybe if he tried a bit harder he wouldn't be such a failure.

Anonymous said...

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