Saturday, December 02, 2006

ward book exchange

last night, after the Ephraim City holiday light parade, they had the ward Christmas party. and after the Christmas party, on the way out of the building, there was a surprise ward Christmas party book exchange! dusty boxes were laid out over all the tables in the primary room. full with funeral potatoes and whipped cream jello, we browsed, heads down, necks tilting right and left.
it’s a rare joy to hear a baffled deacon, hoping maybe for something on 4-wheelers, sound out “The Maaaaarxsss - ist Reader?”

Aside from Saturday’s Warrior and the regulars, other titles included:
Jane Fonda’s Workout Book (hardcover)
The Way Things Ought to Be – Rush Limbaugh
Blood and Money – Thomas Thompson
The Lion of Wall Street: The Two Lives of Jack Dreyfus
I Wish I Could Give my Son a Wild Raccoon
- Eliot Wigginton
and a Thomas Pynchon novel

I picked up:
A Natural History of Termites
Collected Poems
- Marianne Moore
Defending and Legally Establishing the Good News w/ notes inside cover
All About Dinosaurs - illustrated by Thomas W. Voter
and an old journal/ledger of sorts, the first several pages an inventory of knives, swords & tomahawks?

Kelly found:
The Magic Moscow – Daniel Pinkwater
A Gift So Rare book of sentimental religious poems dedicated "in rainbow love" to someone's chaplain
along with the crown jewel of the whole spread
A Treasury of American Folklore - B.A. Botkin (tremendous!)

…and they all agreed, it was the best ward Christmas party book exchange ever
~the end~


Lindsey said...

I'm so jealous! Funeral potatoes, jell-o AND a book exchange. We never have those in NY.

Dainon said...

I'd have picked up
I Wish I Could Give my Son a Wild Raccoon- Eliot Wigginton

kylie said...

wow, that is hilarious that your ward did that. but that is a really good idea.

scone said...

what is 'rainbow love' and how do you dedicate something in it?

i'd like to hear more on that.

heathersworldaz said...

What a great Idea !!!