Saturday, July 15, 2006

moonwalking bigfoot


what more is there to say here?
he seems to be really feeling it.

a uniquely American reworking of the Abraham & Isaac story. except in this instance bigfoot intervenes with a large bouncing boulder instead of an angel. can you make him out there in the thicket? I can’t. bigfoot doesn’t reveal his corporeal self but does make his will known: “noli me tangiere, for bigfoot’s I am.”
p. 221
and again there’s the hunter on the right trying earnestly to win favor in his sight, dancing.

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The Mediocre Gatsby said...

This is great. I am learning so much about bigfoot. Almost as much as I leaned about mummies and Skymall. Infact I get all my information from "Fish Without Faces" - or as I like to call it, Epedia Britanica.