Friday, July 14, 2006

jaywalking bigfoot

ok, so we still haven’t caught one in the very act yet. but you know they’re doing it all the time when we’re not watching! look at this one.

he’s just about mustered up the courage when a cyclist approaches. how awkward for both of them: bigfoot pretends to have dropped or lost something in the grass, a contact lens maybe. and the cyclist is in no position to call his bluff. just keep pedaling. boy, you got that right.

this next one’s a bit more dramatic. can you imagine?
p. 227

up until this very moment the big kid in the middle has dominated the conversation (and the little girl’s attention) the whole way. he was really on a roll. suddenly his authority begins to fade as he doesn’t seem so big nor his stories so great. this kind of formative experience often begins the arch nemesis relationship or other such complex. (now I hate you bigfoot, that’s what he’s feeling.) this is a constant difficulty for bigfoot. what we see as showboating is just bigfoot being himself. you know, keeping it real. this is simply what he does all the time when we’re not looking.
really, it’s not technically jaywalking on a dirt road like this, but he clearly cut those youngsters off. he’s just lucky nobody was hurt.