Monday, July 10, 2006

american bigfoot

I’ve been doing a little research on bigfoot lately. you know; went out on my porch with the binoculars for a while, talked to some close friends and family about it, subscribed to all the scholarly journals on the subject. yeah, you could say that by now I’ve read most of the guys.

this one’s pretty good and has some great pen/ink illustrations by the author himself.
Raincoast Sasquatch by J. Robert Alley
2003, Hancock House Publishers. Blaine, Washington

there are a lot of lessons that we can take from here. some teach us about bigfoot and some teach us more about ourselves. hopefully you can discover some new things for yourself from the drawings.

like for example I learn that bigfoot:
* has pin-straight hair.
* has large feet. I think you need to be at least a size 18 to really be a bigfoot.
* tends to manifest himself to those of low estate, like people with fetal alcohol syndrome.
* sometimes gets cross, just like you and me, and can sometimes express this anger inappropriately with snowballs and tree trunks.
I mean let’s face it. life is not as simple for bigfoots as it was, say 400 years ago. modernity has brought bassboats, travel chess, bug zappers, Maverick country stores and white sedans deeper and deeper into what was once bigfoot country. along with all this comes the complexity and the difficult choices that accompany such developments. it’s really enough to run a fellow ragged.

here we find him at the crossroads, if you will (and I know you will). alienated between pines and asphalt, obscurity and illumination. 2 pair of perpendicularly overlaid binaries. like an origami fortune teller; you might print this off and make one.

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jo said...

from that sketch... I tell you... I'm convinced.

well, from that sketch and the several others (by the author). On of my favorites is the backside view of a bigfoot family gawking at a sleeping bag clad human being scared out of his wits (an emotion cleverly captured by the artist).

I'm a believer. By the way, did you check out the official website?