Monday, June 19, 2006

rest for the bleary

skyrest travel pillow integrates waterwing buoyancy and doorstop wedge mechanics, then floats the product out on the market in turquoise upholstery.

a simple machine softened: it’s an inclined plane that lets you rest on the same principle that keeps your airplane up there. actually they looked into this and found out that all of our textbooks and scout manuals are wrong.

but it seems to work well enough here.
1- just fish the thing out of your carryon.
2- blow it full of rum breath until fully inflated.
3- pass out.

he’s all tuckered out from good times at warmer latitudes. a lot of leaning and sweating going on here, kinda yucky really. isn’t he getting a little old for this sort of thing? so much for dignity. still, Whitman teaches us that even the bathetic yankee hedonist is beautiful when asleep. and in a way, so peaceful at 40,000 feet.

$30 from skymall


kel said...

the sad thing is, when ever i'm looking through SkyMall and i see this product for sale i'm usually really sleepy in a small, cramped space and i'd give anything to have one. even if old rum breath had blown it up.

The Mediocre Gatsby said...

It would be funny if this guy (obviously a proffesional model) stumbled upon this blog and got really excited - but then was dissapointed when he found out that we were refering to him as "Old Rum Breath".

My question: Can this be used on a bus? What about the back seat of a police car?