Monday, June 05, 2006

dogladders from skymall

tired of pets not jumping up on your furniture?

a little something for everyone. why should fish have all the fun?


jo said...

skymall,ha! skymall never ceases to amaze me. those magazines alone are enough to make me sick. that and the gilled cheese crackers I got on my last flight. i was curious, i asked for it... let's just say i would have been happy with a melba toast packet from little america, no joke.

kel said...

i'm sorry, could you provide us with another image to show us how the pet ladders/ramps work? i have a beagle and i'm not sure how he would use one.

ZLB said...

if you want to see one of these little ramps in real life, well you need go no further than le maison du bennion. yes, it's true. my parents have one (not quite so fancy as those, it's just a large wedge of foam, but expensive none the less) that leads to their bed so little andy doesn't further rupture any disks and yuki the 19 year old cat can still sleep with my mom. pathetic i know, just think what they'll buy when they have real grandkids.

eped said...

jo- found some great melba toast at the dollar store the other day. several varieties, we should talk.

z- my condolences about Yuki. George called me this morning.