Friday, May 12, 2006

a rhyme incarnate

wow! thank you Thomas Grünfeld for smuggling these splendid creatures into the new world. and to think that I was barely able to get a box of couscous through customs. photos taken last december at the OMR gallery in mexico city. yes, it is sleek and handsome, but does it rhyme in German?

last fall when the chief addressed our nation he railed against hybrids. like Prednick, he wasn’t so scared of Dr. Moreau’s leopard people but of an arbitrary, wanton creator. you can understand, right? like most americans, the president fears absurdity. gosh, it’s like that x-men prophecy and I just saw the trailer the other day for the next sequel. this will surely be the watershed issue of our time. I think we have the social maturity to handle it though. nobody had vandalized this gentle fauna at least. but there was an armed guard downstairs.

alright, here’s some more polar bear trivia.
Q-do polar bears eat penguins?
A-yes. no, wait, I told it wrong.
Q-do polar bears eat penguins?
A-no -“why not?” your nephew or someone asks
-because they’re extinct.


The Mediocre Gatsby said...

That's great! I think it's fun to mock the dead animal by stuffing them and posing them funny, but it is truly disrespectful to mix the animals up like they are made out of legos.

I have a good idea, rip the head off of that peacock and we'll stick it onto a pengwin's body.

It's kinda like one time I ate a piece of steak wrapped in bacon. I felt really guilty afterwards because it's barbaric to mix meats like that...

T.R. said...

truly this is the most unsettling post in eped's compelling "dead animals that just won't rot" series.

mummified parakeets are a close second.