Thursday, May 11, 2006

polar bears and hearing aids

when I was walking into a restaurant on center street I saw these 2 polar bears whispering secrets to each other in a shop window. the shop was Harris Hearing Aid Center and it was closed at midday. as I was taking this picture a lady pulled up in her car and asked me if I’d like to go inside. absolutely! she unlocked the place and let me see the bears from another angle…

I was surprised to see they weren’t whispering secrets at all! their lips were raised in silent sneers and they seemed locked in some kind of patient restrained conflict. the nice lady also told me that if I wanted I could move the baby bears off their arms for a better picture. this was a polite gesture on her part but I don’t know what she was thinking; as if any sane person would dare interrupt what was going on here.

at this point I started suspecting the nice lady might be crazy, or trying to get me killed! these bears had probably been juggling baby bears until the nice (but crazy) lady & I had interrupted and they’d suddenly become shy, caught in what then appeared to be a King Solomon moment. also, there’s a great cheap Salvadoran restaurant next door! ($1.60 pupusas, yeah!)


The Mediocre Gatsby said...

I bet the Salvadorian's next door don't like the bears scaring their customers away. And it can't be ignorance on the lady's part either because everyone knows that Salvadorians hate polar bears.

She's not just crazy - I think she's a racist.

jo said...

oh my goodness, you found them. i've been puzzling over these for quite some time. seriously, walking back and forth and wondering... always wondering.

I am grateful for your insight.