Wednesday, February 06, 2008

other fish

I usually try to resist using the blog here to commentate on other media. I also try to avoid using the word commentate. today I’m making two exceptions to say the following…

there. is. waaaay too much Mason Jennings on Pandora.

also, I heard Dianne Rehm say “indie rawk” the other day.

and finally, that I’ve found a real treasure of an AM radio station on the FM dial. it’s at 104.7 and the first time I stumbled onto it there was just some great New Testament preaching on. the next few times, people always talking about Ron Paul: what “Dr. Paul” might have said on the debate last night, what should have happened in the polls last week, what he aught to do next time. like horseracing or fantasy football. it’s been great- Friday at 11:30pm: Ron Paul. Wednesday afternoon: Ron Paul, and so on, all the time.

oh, but since then there’s been so much more. more Bible shows in different accents. shows on tax evasion, “electronic medicine”, civil disobedience, how to make an igloo, how to handle city hall when they're giving you grief for parking your car on the lawn to fix the cv joints. ads for, 72 hour and other disaster kits, herbal remedies, ads with references to the book of Revelations, Ezekiel, Matthew… all segued with John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix songs. there’s even a man named Kevin who calls his show Truth Jihad Radio and he preaches 911 truth with grunts of earnest enthusiasm.

the other morning I was listening and there was a guy, from Phoenix I think, talking about angels, visions and suitcase bombs in 10 major U.S. cities!

so yeah, 104.7fm is the frequency in my neighborhood and online at republicbroadcastingnetwork. I don’t know where else it’s broadcast but I’m a recent convert and I can never wait to see what’s next.

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The Mediocre Gatsby said...

Hey thanks. I'm gonna check it out.

This morning Diane Rheems was interviewing a guy who kept talking about goat testicles. I kept waiting to hear her say the word "testicle", but she kept avoiding having to say it herself (or at least she did until I got to work).

That Dianne Rehm is very cunning.