Thursday, February 07, 2008

fish in a barrel

several years ago I had a rather unpleasant telephone conversation with Mike Waddoups. it wasn’t at all political and pu-lease don’t ask him about it because I’m sure he won’t remember a thing. listen, all I recall is that it involved his condo between the freeway and the golf course, 2 extremely polite Korean engineering students, and a swamp cooler or something.

but it’s nice to see him making good now, going after these types. gosh. how do I explain? you remember Oregon Trail, the prehistoric computer game that a lot of us somehow grew up playing in school? it’s sort of like that. but actually it’s more like this shoot-'em-up arcade game that they have over at the bowling alley. except that there’s a whole Omaha Steaks mail order component to it as well.
see? I knew it wouldn’t make sense. okay, to put it in more vulgar terms, they’re calling it “cyber-hunting.” and I guess the DWR has been pretty grossed out too.


T.R. said...

I guess capitalism has some limits we can all agree on.

ash said...

I assumed this was a unfortunate that it isn't.

Jess said...

This is a very twisted way to get your summer sausage fix.

jo said...

i feel as if we have somehow stooped to a new low. now the prediction i made in my journal when i was 12 years old that, "the internet will make us all fat" is becoming true... in more ways than one.

eped said...

oh, well for my part, yes, the internet has been making me fat for years now.

mmmm... twisted sausage.