Thursday, March 31, 2011


The truck passed emissions.

Anniversary. (10 years!)

My gmail got hacked.

Ash turned 4; Disneyland w/ Grandpa.

70 degrees again. Coyotes. Frogs. Short sleeves.

The kids are now immunized.

I just got this book review published.

and a couple of poems at Willows Wept review.

current job application stats:
25+ applications submitted,
1 interview,
11 rejections,
~14 still pending.

Kelly discovered a new bakery.


Dave said...

I remember that snirt heaps poem -- a good one!

Qarrtsiluni issued a call for submissions today, BTW -- check it out.

english said...

Hi Dave. Thanks for stopping by, and for the Qarrtsiluni-tip!

Very good to see Ken Lamberton working with this issue.

ash said...

Good stuff all around. Way to get published (again and again).

And the fact that the truck passed emissions is just swell.

Matsby said...

Awesome. Congrats on the acceptances. I submitted two pictures this year to a journal that I was positive would be accepted - but they weren't.

"But there we go, anthropomorphizing."