Wednesday, February 02, 2011

3 short improvised plays

Ash & Tom "driving" in their car (2 wooden chairs) in the living room, surrounded by a mess of books and toys, after dinner.

1st Play

Tom: Where we going, Asha?

Ash: Yosemite. And maybe you will throw up.

Tom: Hey Ash, I threw up in the car.

Ash: I will clean you up. And here's a coat.

2nd Play

Tom: Where we going to, Asha?

Ash: San Francisco. It's not very far. You won't throw up.

Tom: Put my seat belt on.

Ash: Here we are! It's just books.

3rd play

Tom: Where we going? Let's go to Grandma's house.

Ash: Put your seat belt on. pu-DIP!

Tom: pu-DIP!

Ash: Here we are, Pyramid Lake! Here we are. Wow, I've never been here before. It has mostly books and toys.

Tom (singing): Pyramid Lake! Pyra(BURP)mid Lake! Pyramid Lake! Pyramid Lake!

enter monsters...

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ash said...

excellent plays, indeed.