Tuesday, April 21, 2009

highway 50 - Salina, UT to Reno, NV and back

Circus Circus' house kennel channel, w/ the Cure playing. no kidding.

Austin, NV. Serbian Christmas, now you know.

basin and range

river of shoes

a little something for everyone in Fallon

trash or treasure was here

hauling a warp and weft of sheetrock across the Paiute rez

petroglyphs at Hickison Summit. lava caves at Pyramid Lake (w/ flycatcher nest).

Humboldt - Toiyabe


Jess said...

I vote trash

ash said...

Tree of shoes and dunes and everything in between. What a drive.

T.R. said...

I definitely want to know more about the river of shoes.

eped said...

Jess - hooray. that makes 3 hands raised.

Ash - yes, the dune was really something, out there on its own.
dirtbikes : big lonely dunes
flies : fresh meringue

TR - well, you see, every spring, when all the snowshoes in the mountains start melting,...
(I'm sorry. that was terrible.)

ZLB said...

awesome. i'm psyched for a road trip to come visit next year.

jo said...

how did you come upon the river of shoes? I mean, I get the spring runnoff and all, but to find such a gem?

eped said...

there's a big cottonwood growing out of an arroyo (dry 2 weeks ago) off the north side of hwy 50. it's one of those trees where everyone chucks their shoes up to snag and hang in the branches, but much more than I've ever seen anywhere. so much that a couple of the bigger limbs have broken off under the weight so they're all over underneath, around the base of the tree too.

Desert Survivor said...

Great photos! I'll have to look for the river of shoes on my next trip that way.

B. said...

Whoa! This looks like my kinda drive.

mantmarble said...

"Smiley Roadways means the white-gloved wave every time!" -- from the book FAILED SLOGANS (1965)