Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ash draws the school bell. Ash draws a crowd.

over the last couple weeks Ash has really been getting into the green blackboard.
when I found her doing this one in chalk and pencil she got excited and shouted "school-bell!" and made the noise of the grinding prison-camp alarm of an elementary school bell that sounds daily from the playground behind our house.
not bad, right? I don't think she's ever seen any Cy Twombly.

and here she is visiting the petting zoo.


T.R. said...

It seems that the acoustic school bell is going the way of the club-footed kangaroo mouse in favor of a sine wave blooped over the intercom system.

eped said...

when the kids are at recess and they ring the prison yard bell they all scream in mixed horror and excitement.

for better or for worse I think that ~~~blooop~~~ has a more mellowing effect on the kids. and the ecstasy induced by the old bell will probably go the way of the readasaurus too.

ash said...

Very neat that Ash has communicated sound through chalk. The petting zoo is classic. Where are the quarter machines holding the food?

cate said...

My two year old niece could draw that.

kel said...

maybe Ash and i should do a collaborative show. i'll submit a proposal to the CUAC.

Derek said...

In 3rd grade I got sent to the principal's office for knocking the school bell off the wall with a tennis ball. (I miss butt's up)

eped said...

Ash- I guess she does have the compost pile right there.

Cate- I know. gimme a break

Kel-wait! I thought Ash WAS OUR collaborative show.

Derek-you're always pushing the envelope. man, I wonder what would happen if kids nowadays tried to get a game of butts up going against the school wall.