Sunday, March 15, 2009

one-channel television lures hangarful of Amish into 21st century. others still holding out for flatscreens, digital, smarter cars, colder fusion

once the Quakers started making Vanilla Yogurt Crunch cereal, something like this was only a matter of time. the Heat Surge electric fireplace is what comes of merging Chinese engineering, Amish craftsmanship and the cleverness of the American businessman. and the best thing about bringing these rubes on as board members is they accept as fair barter the placard from last season’s trade expo kiosk.
“yes, Amos. that’s correct. it’s one’a those giant checks.”

OK, I see how posting this in mid March makes me the old retired couple who leaves the Christmas stuff up well into tulip season. but I’m a sucker for fire on the TV. old man Barnum doesn’t even need to trot out the elephants and I’m already on my feet waving my $547 cash in the air. so, to those with links to fish without faces, my apologies for bringing down everyone’s property value.

this sort of thing has been on my mind more than usual lately, probably since I went to hear Wendell Berry when he was in town a couple weeks ago. also, last month Kevin Kelly posted some great observations on Amish hacking on his blog The Technium. of course you can always visit youtube for more fire on TV, then go full screen.


jo said...

I get sucked into this advertisement every time it shows up in the month's issue of National Geographic which seems to be every issue.

eped said...

me too Jo. I think my favorite part is how they’ve photoshopped these. nothing says honest labor and legitimate business like Amish people stooping in the background. suspenders. bonnets.

have you seen? now the same company's taken out ad space for their little AC units.

Anonymous said...

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