Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Martin Prothero

Martin Prothero does these.






about his process:
"The materials are carbon and glass. The glass surface is coated with thin layer of carbon (from a flame) and time and care is taken to make sure this is uniform over the entire surface. ... Then, keeping a close eye on the weather (rain, frost, wind and dew can all ruin the delicate carbon surface) I choose a good time to lay the plates out, normally over night, in the hope of recording some tracks.The animals’ feet lift off this extremely sensitive layer of carbon as they come in to contact with it. This leaves the finest details traced in the opaque carbon, which is then revealed when the glass is backlit using daylight or a lightbox."

and here's a link to his gallery, where there are some cool pinhole photos too.

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ash said...

very neat