Tuesday, December 16, 2014

dog's breakfast

OK, so somewhere between September and this very moment, the lights went out here at Fish Without Faces. This was immediately followed by a lengthy struggle in pitch blackness, in the end resulting in a smattering of photos, a retreating army of roughly 400 gingerbread men and beasts, and the faint scent of ozone lingering in the air.

At this point I can't account for much else besides that. But here are a few additional updates from the past year or so:

a poem here.

a story here. and another poem here.

this article (p. 86).

and that article.

also, this article (p. 59).

more recently, this other article (p. 263).

Alright, that's about as close as I hope to ever come to setting up a Linkedin account. Now can I go out and play?

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ash said...

Very neat, and well done. Still need to read a couple.