Saturday, May 03, 2014

3 views of trash: land (the parts we throw away)

When this Landfill Harmonic trailer first came out a year or so ago, I got several different emails from friends and family linking me here and there. Since I’ve never been to Paraguay, and as I have no musical talent to speak of, I’m left to attribute this coincidence to a known interest on my part in garbage and various sorts of cheapskatery.

This may also account for why I’ve been so into what people like Vik Muniz and Chris Jordan have been doing with trash too.

Anyway, earlier this spring, I was able to work along similar lines (but on a much less ambitious project) with some colleagues friends and students. Aside from Muniz and Jordan, some of our inspiration here comes from Chuck Close, Zac Freeman, pointillism more generally, and other upcycling projects.

So, here’s what we came up with:
And a little story from the local paper.
(Above the fold and in color! Not bad, eh?)

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linny said...

Great video of your "Big Lid Mosaic". I recently viewed what I think was an Al Anatsui artwork at the Blanton Art Museum in Austin. Cate has posted the photo that I took of it in her Picasa album Central Texas Summer.