Saturday, January 19, 2013

adobe photo shop

adobe photo shop from g e brooks on Vimeo.


jo said...

Love it.

I have to know how some of these shots were accomplished.

L wants to watch it again, so here we go.

english said...

Thanks, Jo!

I'm guessing you mean the kids sneaking into the racks of pants and coats and stuff. For those, I strapped a gopro camera to their heads and turned them loose at the store.

Also, I should mention that the poetry is all Tom's own:
"Pretend that this is a house that Indians used to live in. And now super people live in. And they're setting up like a museum. Pretend that the Indians lived in the house a long time ago. And pretend that we're still the Indians."

Lacy Brown said...

Thanks for the reminder of your brilliant glass technique, Julie! Your painting far outshines the photo in beauty!Adobe Support