Sunday, June 20, 2010


A couple weeks ago we were in San Francisco with some friends and I found a pretty great little zine in the little consignment corner at City Lights Books.

Cover art by Fernando Martí

It's been several years since I've picked up a 'zine, and even longer, if ever, since I'd read one cover to cover. But this one's all stories, essays, interviews, resources, and art about "anarchism and parenting," or more generally, about being a "radical parent." Thomas Moniz has been doing these for 5 years (17 editions) and there’s also a blog.

In other fatherly news: we’ve got Tom walking now, sort of. Ash is into rub-on tattoos and the A-Team.


jo said...

Go Tom! Go A-Team!

Happy Father's Day to you, as well! What a cute fam you've got. I'll have to recommend this 'zine to one new dad. He'll be glad to have some tips on how to be rad.

eped said...

thanks, Jo! Yes, Ash has been pitying the fools pretty nonstop for the last week or so.

My fatherly regards to Kev.

cate said...

Kel got her to sing the song for me on the phone today. It was terrific! I am so glad that Ash will have as fulfilling of a childhood as I did!