Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Conrad Gessner - Historiae Animalium

Conrad Gessner
Historiae Animalium (check it out)

also, for a fabulous little bestiary of creatures--mostly piscine--by Gessner and his ilk, don't miss Gunther's post from earlier this year on Miszellen(~miscellany?).

more sea monsters here: cryptomundo.

and, lastly, it seems june '03 was a good month for monsters on giornale nuovo. actually, upon closer inspection it seems fair to ask, what month wasn't a good month for monsters over there?


T.R. said...

Where do these guys come up with this crap?

T.R. said...

oh, by the way, cryptomundo calls the Firth of Forth the Forth of Firth, which probably made my day.

Did you catch that Cate? You better get studying, as you will be referring often to that locale.