Wednesday, August 26, 2009

new digs - 89503

I’m trying to come up with anything more American than walking into a Sears, buying a brand-new washer and dryer, and having them delivered to your home. (I guess maybe only voting or NASCAR.) they’re the front-loader kind with the window, so you can sit down and watch your clothes roll around like people scuffling on daytime TV.

as we settle in, the kids make due with bivouacs, hobo camps and other provisional shelters.

Tom in a box

Ash builds her own.

and here’s the moon from our backyard earlier this month.


cate said...

I want a Tom in box! Where did you get that? Heck! That's so great I'll take two!

ZLB said...

looks great guys! if i come visit can i have the box? i'll share with tom.

c-ing said...

Gorgeous picture of the moon.
Twilight :)