Sunday, June 14, 2009

another post about running

the desert thunderstorms have let up for a couple days and it's definitely summer. so I'm planning a couple runs for next month that I want to sell you on. when talking with friends, sometimes I tend toward a kind of bossy moralizing about "why you aught to run". but instead of doing that here why don't I direct you to last month's Radio West show where Doug Fabrizio talks with w/ Christopher McDougall about his book Born to Run.

it's a pretty great interview despite Doug Fabrizio's signature half-question-followed by statement-followed by slight backpedaling-followed by surprisingly keen observation-concluded with either totally leading or vaguely open-ended question style. they cover everything from human anatomy, to the Tarahumara/Raramuri runners of the Sierrra Madre, to those funny glove-shoes with the toes that you see people shopping in when you go to Whole Foods. maybe best of all, they reference some of Running After Antelope by our (Utah's) own beloved Scott Carrier. (for more of this latter piece check out one of these four This American Life shows.)

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jo said...

eped, guess what? I actually started running. I found the old marathon training schedule you gave me a few years back (complete with a trial run of A's birth announcement on the back) which inspired me and I decided that I must. So I cut it in half and I plan to run a 1/2 marathon in October barring any injury I might incur from not running these many years.

so, I guess what I'm saying here is - thanks.

jo said...

and p.s.

your description made me miss doug fabrizio.

eped said...

hey Jo. I'm so glad to hear it! good luck w/ you first 13 miles. I think the half marathon distance is ideal, the perfect length for a nice long run.

if you have an hour, like at work or something, that radio west does have some good, interesting tips and encouraging stuff for someone starting to take on longer distances. (...and you get your Doug Fabrizio fix too.)

cate said...

HA! Such a good desription of Mr. Radio West. Matt and I had a Sunday school teacher with that exact same method only in teaching rather than interviewing. Oh it was aggrivating and often short of edifying. Of course, Matt called him Doug Fabrizio.