Tuesday, February 03, 2009

names for the baby

some possible candidates:

1. Boris Aurora Borealis Brooks
2. Judas Prescott Nixon Brooks
3. Neil Diamond Phillips Brooks
4. *Juanita/o Vanitas Brooks
5. Waltzing Pneumonia Brooks
6. Guano Bonanza Brooks
7. Kyle
9. Belvedere Wheelbrow Brooks
10. Calypso Fishkite Brooks
11. Yigüirro Arenal Brooks

*family name

of course, we're still open to suggestions...


Jess said...

No Tenis? I don't know about you, but Tenis Teancum Brooks really has a nice ring to it. Strong, spiritual- it's got it all.

eped said...

Tenis, eh? gosh, let's put it on the list. Jess, you guys are welcome to consider these for your baby too. we can't very well use them all.

Derek said...

I like Kyle, but only if it's just Kyle. No Brooks. Just Kyle. You know, like Cher.

SmootherPrince said...

How about Runin Inyer Brooks? I havent heard of anyone called that before?