Monday, September 15, 2008

Paul "Moose" Curtis

who all saw the big September moon last night? it is manifestly –if not yet officially- fall and the wild sunflowers on the highway seem to be feeling it too. I don’t know if it was the wet winter we had last year or what but lately there have been a lot of tattoo removal billboards sprouting up along the freeway as well. what has been conspicuously absent, however, is any measurable uptick in billboard removal tattoos. now if we could put some kind of index on the latter then we might effectively gauge our progress. a voluntary exit poll at the ink studios; I don’t know.

in the mean time Soundclash DJ Paul Curtis has got your back. last spring he went out and did this with San Francisco’s Broadway Tunnel. all the towering florae that once covered the Pacific northwest and where now 20,000 cars pass daily.

since beginning in his hometown of Leeds with a sock and a bucket of water, Moose has gone on to using wire brushes, stencils and high-pressure sprayers to clean his reverse graffiti into the walls and sidewalks of Manchester, London, Edinburgh. apparently you don’t even need a can of paint to be charged under the UK’s Anti-Social Behaviour Act. just scrub the image into the already existing surface filth of modernity.

as you can see, Curtis is not above working with lichens either, and he's fearlessly taken on NYC’s the Splasher, cutting this whole sucker down to the bricks so the big beetles can crawl out. (I think that’s one of Banksy’s under it all.)

also check out:
Brazil’s own Alexandre Orion and his hundreds of skulls
Brooklyn’s Edina Tokodi
Scott Wade, who’s doing it in Texas, sort of
and the whole Ancestral Puebloan Massive. aww yeah, APM in the house!


ZLB said...

these are beautiful. i want to do it!

Jess said...

Cool. Although I like looking at what the local tag "artists" are putting up in DC, the are missing a little... je ne sais quoi. I think this guy has it.

Gatsby said...

Wow, that's an original idea. So cool.

Gatsby said...

billboard removal tattoos!