Wednesday, June 06, 2007

high school reunion

all this talk about reunions got me thinking about how I graduated from high school 10 years ago and that there was probably some kind of reunion coming up. so I looked into it a little and sure enough, this weekend.

June 9, 2007
6:00 p.m.
Little America Hotel
500 S Main St
Salt Lake City, UT

whether through improved self confidence or just an eroding memory I’ve mostly shed the humbug attitude I once held about my high school. so I’d actually been kinda planning on going to the 10 year reunion. I even got a new haircut. :)

I mean 5 years? -whatever. but after 10 years, people’s courses have really had time to careen off in interesting directions; rhinoplasties, alcoholics, petty millionaires and local celebrities. a brother-in-law even tells the story of the high school reunion where Super Dell rolled up in leather on a motorcycle with a couple of escorts and started throwing around $100 bills, like Jack Nicholson in the parade scene on Batman!

here’s the thing though: it’s $50/person and no kids! so yeah, screw it. I don’t know, I guess I’d just assumed it would be a different, less formal kind of occasion. and I thought that half the fun would be in meeting everyone’s offspring.

to me this seems to send two tacit messages to alumni. the first regards the presumed economic demographic of those who are actually invited. and the second has more to do with the eminent role ones former high school “should” still play in ones life. actually, the whole thing has helped bring back a lot of things I’d forgotten about high school.

but maybe I’m just being cheap, or sentimental. your thoughts?


kylie said...

YEAH, RIDICULOUS! It's so frustrating that they don't get it. What's wrong with meeting at a park (FOR FREE) and just catering (maybe you can charge $10 a person for the food). That way, kids are there, etc. It's so annoying that they always do some high class formal $50 a person occasion. I probably won't go to mine either.

The Mediocre Gatsby said...

I am not going either. You are right, it would be good to see everyone's kids.

Because even though I haven't made much of my life in the last 10 years, if my kid is better looking than the kids of some millionare, I will still feel like I came out on top.

Besides, I keep in touch with everyone I want to keep in touch with - like you guys.

eped said...

yeah, I was like “fifty dollaz?!” (Chris Rock voice) “are the Jazz going to be playing or something? are they doing nose jobs right there?”

but Netflix must be spying on my blog because they sent out Grosse Point Blank which I watched lat night.

Janice said...

Having helped Dentist husband plan his 10 year and helped plan my own 10 year--$50 per person is a deal. It is actually really expensive to plan and put together a reunion (7 years ago, we had to charge $68 per person.) Park things sound great but people moan and complain about those too and most people who pay over $100 want a night out without kids.
I also don't buy into the "I keep in touch with everyone I care about" thought (sorry mediocre gatsby)because once at the reunion, you will be surprised to see you are excited to catch up with and who is eager to catch up with you. (A very wild/drug using girl who I had a one class with told me the only reason why she came to our reunion was to see me--I couldn't even remember her name.)
So, shoot the lock off your wallet, bring pictures of Ash and go.

eped said...

why always so contrary, Janice? jk. listen up everyone; I’d like us all to appreciate the importance of what’s happening here. dissent is a healthy part of this blogging thing and Janice is just the gadfly we need shaking things up around here. it takes a lot of courage to do what she’s doing.

I was thinking this same thing, about how I’m already in touch with everyone I care about anyway. but then I came to the conclusion that the nice thing with a reunion is being able to get a load of people I don’t really like. kind of like reality TV or The Great Gatsby itself. you know, I don’t like any of those characters (yeah, not even Nick Carraway) but watching the spectacle play out can be kind of fun.

I know you can’t please everyone but I still think $50 (for “decorations, buffet, website, nametags …”) at the Little America doesn’t really jibe. like I said, maybe it’s a demographic, or even a generational thing. that and the drive.

kel said...

okay, okay. so let's say you pay the fifty dollaz and you drop the kids off at grampa's and you drive to Little America and pick up your personalized name tag.

how are you going to feel when you realize they've basically recreated your senior dinner dance and one of those was plenty?

eped said...

wait. senior dinner what? I think I missed that. guess I better go to this thing afterall. you think Jostens will be there?

mrs. everything said...

I've thought about this some...I probably will go to my 10 year high school reunion (I have about 6 years to go) for the sole purpose of making sure at least one person is worse off than myself.

kylie said...

Man, I missed the conversation! Well, anyway, I found out when mine is. I'm going to have to miss it anyway because I'll be in Hawaii. I will admit, I am a little disappointed, but I don't know how much it is so maybe that will end.

I'm sure it is expensive to plan these things, but I seriously think there is a happy medium so that it doesn't have to be so expensive. Not everyone can afford $50 a person.

eped said...

Hawaii?! (Chris Rock voice, again)

that's great. all around us people are going to Hawaii. Kelly's sister has been 3 times! we really need to get with the program I think.

maybe I'll go to your reunion then. it's possible I have more friends from your high school than from mine.