Tuesday, February 13, 2007

fishers of sharks

Reverend Kevin Thompson just got busted. he’d been recruiting fishermen from among his disciples instead of the other way around and now he’s going to jail for a year and a day. here’s the USDoJ release. when the faithful would ask if things were legit, he told them it was the will of God.

if you want to hear him talk about the operation and "some discovery channel stuff,” all in a light brogue, then you can easily download a terrific little 7 minute mp3 here. it’s an excerpt from a longer sermon where he gets into, as he puts it, a deep spiritual lesson he learned from sharks and the unique business of catching little baby sharks. he leaves out the part about baby leopard sharks growing to about 7 feet.

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kel said...

in that photo of him is he showing the congregation how big the sharks can get? i'm surprised people fell for his fish story. that's the oldest one in the book! oh, well.