Monday, September 11, 2006


I first saw one of these dinosaur targets last summer in the county Pioneer Day parade. it went by on a haywain float with camouflaged guys.
this is where you can also find targets shaped like wild boars, lynx, fat turkeys(easy), sleek turkeys(harder), and deer with their organs painted on the outside. there are less conventional ones too like baboons, pink panthers, carp, cobras and giant poison frogs!*
not like shooting a trachodon or a baby brontosaurus, these are the badass kind of dinosaurs. the sort of dinosaurs that hate freedom and want to destroy your way of life and your babies. this time it’s either him or you.
that’s right, you’re extinct and if you ever so much as think of coming back into this world as our contemporaries, this is what you would have coming to you. right in the rib panel!

there’s something awfully redundant about shooting a dead lizard. but we’re using the appropriate modified Clovis technology and not like howtzers & stuff so the anachronism’s not too glaring.

*the manufacturers support our troops in Iraq, whose target of choice in the 2004 expo was a stegosaurus.

roadkill torture test - no woodpeckers, no problem

*4,000 arrows in a skunk-
shot from a shoot

***** !


The Mediocre Gatsby said...

This is very creepy. People with guns are wierd.

Hey, why'd you get rid of my link?

eped said...

yeah, um sorry. it was a cry for help. I'm not so good as you at creating controversy.

actually, I thought it was done. but I'll put it back up. at least until you play "hotel california"

T.R. said...

I like the alien one.