Wednesday, August 26, 2009

pterodactyls, & the universe as a wax cylinder

the prevailing wind at our new place is a pretty strong zephyr, out of the west. and when we moved in earlier this month, one thing on the fix list was the back fence, which was leaning into our yard at about a 60 degree angle. so as we’ve gotten into the project this week, with a lot of leaning on pry bars. trying to dig out the former post-footings has also involved a little speculative archeology: “what the hell were they thinking?” and so on.

Archimedes was like:
just give me a big crowbar and somewhere to stand; watch me rock your world.

now people are like:
just give us the right tuning fork to strike the earth and we’ll recall all reality.
past & present.

the tuning fork’s probably a bad example. I’m thinking it would probably have to be something more like a tremendous steel-tooth comb (as from a music box) or a giant player piano.

although the instrument’s still a work in progress, in the mean time, we’ve at least found some more rock to drag across it. in France they’ve turned up 150 million-year-old fossilized lakeshore, printed and stippled with pterodactyl tracks: dance steps where, one day, a small dinosaur came in for a serviceable, if not very graceful, landing. how do you like that?

anyway, the fence should be about done by the weekend.

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T.R. said...

someday, somewhere, a future-person will hear me talking to myself.

eped said...

hey. now it's Thursday. I hear you.

ash said...

Nice fence-ing skills...hmmm..yes, I really did just type that. Really though, well done.

T.R. said...

I like the steel-tooth comb but I'll have to get you to explain the player piano.

PS, I like to think that our conversation about Romans making pots and speaking Latin had something to do with this.

eped said...

yep, that's right. I can't shake it, that notion of an infinite passive surveillance, even in potsherds. I don't know, probably not.

and the player piano's just a messier, more complicated example of a listening instrument, something that you can run an artifact through to get some kind of tune. (have to say, I like the steel comb better too.)

T.R. said...

oh right, piano rolls, duh. it is messier but it enhances the creepiness that the comb only hints at. player pianos are creepy even if you make the piano roll on purpose...

Anonymous said...

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