Wednesday, June 25, 2008

wooden cars and the pedestrian vehicles of summer

for the last couple weeks we’ve been house(chicken, horse, dog)sitting for some friends. this, as you know, has some clear advantages and disadvantages. one unforeseen disadvantage has been that at least once a day the who let the dogs out? song gets into my head and causes me and my family all kinds of minor torment. it’s probably not even so much the song itself as all the crappy movie trailers and other slapstick that it calls to mind.

I think we’re now at a point in history where one can reasonably ask for a comprehensive list of movies that used who let the dogs out?, whether in the soundtracks or just in the previews. you might say it’s time for a retrospective.

I think we’re also at a point in history where it’s safe to begin looking at mobile homes as artifacts. I’m not talking about prefabs and trailers; I’m talking about Winnesotas and other RV motorhomes, the kind you see -always from behind when there’s no passing lane- tagged with incongruent mascot names like prowler, cougar (mraaawr), freedom and jazz, rendered in whimsical magenta and teal cursive. btw, about here is where you recognize this post as a poorly-camouflaged rant about the soaring cost (as opposed to "price") of gasoline and our lack of solutions. so far our most brilliant ideas are, in order: 1.) Saudi Arabia, 2.) ANWR, 3.) nuclear. this is seriously the best we’ve come up with. so until someone figures out cars that run on telluric currents, a little nostalgia seems appropriate.

anyway, here are some great examples of the best in lovingly home-built vehicles, mostly from housetruck and housebus websites. I think you’ll find these gypsy/hippie/lumberjack variations on the theme at least as earnest and beatific as the typical aluminum ones.


jo said...

I read this one aloud and we both had a good laugh.

I especially enjoy the interior views.

ash said...

Never seen a wooden RV for myself, but does a Dodge Dakota with a topper count? What about a Ford F-150? I got bummed when you said "the mythos of the American highway is on its way out," 'cause you just may be right.

The Mediocre Gatsby said...

Those are the coolest Pinewood Derby cars I've ever seen.

Dig e Bia; Vicente e Odá said...

I like your blog.
My english is bad.