Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lisa Bufano

remember how on Soilent Green there was that girl who was furniture? yeah, um, me neither. hey, but look over here. it’s, it’s

Lisa Bufano’s got legs for arms and legs for legs. she’s a Boston artist & dancer who started into prosthetics when she lost some members to toxic shock.

now she even runs daily along the Charles river; cool.
here’s her website. she’s moving to California this month and looking for a place to live in the Bay area, so if you know anybody. she’s also working out some new dance routines and says she'd like to try something with propeller or rocket legs. that might be a little ambitious I think but nice work if you can get it. in the mean time I’m thinking something with her doing like upside down ballet, with breakdancers for hands.


kylie said...

whoa and WHOA.

ZLB said...

triple whoa.