Tuesday, March 13, 2007

log flume

the elders quorum had a pinewood derby.
there was beef stew and chocolate cake.
here's my entry.
it tied for last place.


jo said...

and yet I have a feeling this is the one I would have liked the most.

The Mediocre Gatsby said...

I suggested a Pinewood Derby when our Elders Quarum was asking for activity ideas. They were not impressed with that idea. They prefer XBox themed activities.

You're lucky.

And your car is pretty rad!

Janice said...

I'm no aerodynamics expert but . . .

kylie said...

THAT is soooo awesome. Put that on a shelf in display at your home!

eped said...

thanks guys.

it was received better than I'd feared it might be. the other slow car was a rectangle block of cheese, painted yellow with holes all drilled into it. all the others were pretty slick & bad-A.

there were prized for last place and I got free movie rentals!

Matt, tell the boys, the boyz, that everyone's doing it.

heatherlynn said...

you posted on my blog a while back and i've been randomly enjoying reading what you've been writing even though i have no idea who you are.

i've always wanted to have a pinewood derby party with all my pals since i never was able to be a boy scout. i admire your log flume car and am also hoping that you'll build a steep water ramp to send that thing down on ala six flags, kings dominion etc...style.

eped said...

heatehrlynn, I think they call those 'raingutter regattas'. thanks for visiting. and I see you went snowshoeing w/ ms. Sherwood