Wednesday, February 28, 2007

auction - baltimore dime museum

it’s seldom if ever that I regret not having a lot of money. I think the last time I got real greedy was a few years ago when I kept my lips on the window of a red SUV in a dealership parking lot for 24 hours. I was trying to beat out 80 other people and take home “a new car!,” so I could sell it. I ended up just really tired and went away with a crap t-shirt and some gift cards to local retailers and restaurants.

but if I did have money, I’ll tell you, I’d probably already have blown most of it at this auction. the American Dime Museum in Baltimore closed this month, so on Monday they sold off all their stuff. here are a couple pictures but you should really go to the gallery on their website, or check them out on flickr.


The Mediocre Gatsby said...

Freaky! Especially that David Bowie/Ronald Reagan guy.

eped said...

they already removed the gallery from the museum site. but their links page is worth a look.

ZLB said...

if you catch big nips or lazy eye at the ranch this summer I will learn me some taxidermy, stuff it, adds some wings, and make you a quality wall hanging. promise.

eped said...

the ranch varmints? I didn’t realize they had names, gross names. can’t you get lazy eye from handling dead squirrels? (pink eye?)

but you’re on!