Wednesday, January 24, 2007

call for entries

alright guys, just what is going on here?
any interpretation will be considered.


kylie said...

He's turning into a robot mid-run... while the car is chasing him (with no driver!).

car vs. robot finale.

maria said...

We think it's a Kennedy whose true identity has been revealed--that
is, in order to make as many of them as there are, they had to cut and
splice with prothetics. There weren't enough real body parts to go
around. Some one loses a leg, another loses an arm and and ear,
eventually you can cobble together an extra Kennedy every few years.
And the result is... no single Kennedy has an fully human body. And
now that the secret is out, they are all running from the law.

T.R. said...

terry fox is being forced off the road (and consequently off of the printed page) so that he'll quit crushing the asphalt with his android super-leg.

eped said...

you guys, these are wonderful.

Kylie’s elegant and cautionary robofable. so timely, so needed for today’s errant youth.

and Maria (taking a break from her needlework I’m guessing) marshaled an indefinite collective “we” to bring us the tabloid headline that the last century failed to produce. “does America need another Kennedy? – she posits. “a Frankennedey?”

and T.R., always the realist, boldly tackles the model on his own Canadian terms and on the grounds of its own graphic missteps.

submissions are still heartily encouraged.
let’s give Google all the searchable content they can handle on this subject!

The Mediocre Gatsby said...

I think this is another example of police profiling.

Small Town Cop: "Someone broke into the artificial limb factory again, must be Peg-Legged Pete!"

Pete: "It wasn't me, but I'm getting the hell out of here!"

It's a shame that everytime someone breaks into the prosthetic limb factory, or the morg, they automatically assume it's the one legged necrophiliac...

Pete should move to the big city where he can just dissapear into the crowd. He doesn't deserve this. He's a war hero damnit!